Learn how to start using email marketing to quickly grow your business.

Running a business is a full time job. With limited time and resources, it can be difficult to put energy into marketing your business. But with email marketing, promoting your business becomes a whole lot easier.

Get all the tools and resources you need to become an email marketing champion in no time.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with email marketing. You’ll walk away knowing how to:

Create sign up forms and landing pages
Write and design beautiful emails
Build your email list in creative ways
Measure email performance
Avoid the spam folder
Plus, get access to tons of fantastic templates that help you get up and running quickly.


This guide will help you…

  • Build a strong foundation for email marketing success. We will help you set goals, understand your audience, and know what to look for in an email service provider.
  • Learn the lingo. Understand the terminology and learn how to start building your email list from the ground up with tools like sign up forms and landing pages.
  • Create beautiful emails your audience will love. We’ll teach you the types of emails you may want to send, how to design beautiful emails, and give you some writing tips.
  • Measure and understand results. The best email marketers look at their results and always look for ways to improve. We’ll teach you how.