How To Split Test Marketing Emails

How To Split Test Marketing Emails

Split testing, or A/B testing, is the most effective way to improve your marketing emails. In this article I deep dive into the what, why, and how to split test marketing emails.

6 Recipes For Writing Better Marketing Emails

6 Recipes For Writing Better Marketing Emails

Writing content for blog posts, emails, or ads isn’t easy when you first start out. Having a recipe to follow improves the writing process. Here are 6 recipes for writing better marketing emails.

11 Powerful Tips for Writing Better Emails

11 powerful tips for writing better emails.

If you want your readers to look forward to hearing from you, you need to be writing thoughful emails. Here are 11 tips for writing better emails that your readers will love.

How To Set Email Marketing Goals

How to set email marketing goals

By setting focused, SMART goals for your email marketing campaign, it will easier to deliver and measure the results. Here’s how to set email marketing goals.

How To Write a Story-Based Email

How to write a story-based email

Telling stories is a powerful way to connect with your readers, create lasting memories, and build a loyal base. In this post, I show you how to write a story-based email.

How to Write Great Preheader Text

How to write great preheader text

Using preheader text in your emails can significanlty increate the chances that your email will get opened. Here’s how to write great preheader text.