Add Fields to Appointlet’s Booking Form

Add fields to Appointlet's booking form

There will be some situations where you want to collect more information than the default booking form allows. Information such as a telephone number to call the person. In this video, I show you how to add fields to Appointlet’s booking form. This is an extract of my online course, Appointlet Essentials.

3 Ways To Segment Your Contacts In ActiveCampaign

Ways to segment your contacts in ActiveCampaign

A lot has been written about using demographics, buyer’s behaviour, or funnel mapping to segment an email list. Little has been written about the tools you can use to put these strategies into place. In this article, I give you 3 ways to segment your contacts in ActiveCampaign. What is segmentation? In email marketing, segmentation […]

How To Create An Email Nurture Sequence

How to create an email nurture sequence

People who contact your business for the first time are, generally not yet ready to buy. What do you do with those people? Create an email nurture sequence.

11 Benefits Of Email Marketing

11 Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is something your competitor probably isn’t doing. So why should you? Here a 11 benefits of email marketing that will get you motivated to start.