6 Tips for Making the Most of Email Addresses

Making The Most Of Email Addresses

So, you’re going to the Universe’s biggest networking event tonight. Will you meet a lot of people? Will come away with a lot of business cards? That’s a lot of email addresses. Now what?

Tomorrow morning you’re going to send follow up emails. Right? Most people actually won’t and this is where you can stand out already.

The tips

Tip #1 – Include your website address BUT make sure it’s trackable

Your website should be the centre of your marketing efforts. By including a link to your website in the text of the email, as well as the signature block, it’s more prominent and people are more likely to follow it. The secret is to make it trackable so you know who is interested in what it is you do.

Tip #2 – Ask for a link to their online calendar but include a link to yours

You would like to schedule a meeting so ask them for a link to their online calendar. Chances are they won’t have one so include a link to yours. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically fill in their name, email address and phone number when they schedule a time?

Tip #3 – Provide a link for them to forward your email to someone else

Don’t just ask them to forward your email onto to someone who may be interested in what you offer, give them a link to do this. Of course, the link is trackable so we know the email has been forwarded.

Tip #4 – Include links to your social media channels

Encourage people to visit your social media channels by including links to them. When they select one of these links, the indicators of an engaged prospect increase.

Tip #5 – Make sure you can track how many people opened your email

Of the people who do follow up contacts with an email, very few will know if their email has even been opened. When they open your email, it indicates that they probably remember you and are interested in hearing more. The thing to remember is that if they don’t open it, it’s not necessarily that they’re not interested, it could be that your subject line isn’t strong enough to stand out above all the other emails they’re dealing with.

Tip #6 – Follow up as soon as you can

The longer you leave any follow up emails, the more likely it is they’ll forget you and what you do. Make sure your follow up email is in their inbox when they get to work the next morning.

Wrap up

Networking events are a great way to meet new people and start to form relationships. We all take and collect business cards but the important thing about all of this is the follow up afterwards. I hope these 6 tips for making the most of email addresses help you in your business success.

If you have any tips you’d like to share, please leave a comment below.

Enjoy your day.

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