The Easy Way to Keep Your ActiveCampaign List Clean

Easy way to keep your ActiveCampaign list clean

Keeping your email list clean of disengaged contacts can reduce costs and improve deliverability.

In this article, I show you the easy way to keep your ActiveCampaign list clean.

Gmail is a great example of the impact of sending emails to a disengaged audience. If your subscriber opens emails from you on a consistent basis, that shows engagement and favours Inbox placement for the current and next email campaigns.

But if the subscriber leaves your emails unread, deletes them without opening or moves them to spam, then Gmail will penalise you because your subscribers don’t appear to be engaged with your emails.

Let's clean your list

Initial setup

Let’s get started.

The first thing you need to do is create a custom field.

Create the Last Engagement field.

Next, add a tag.

Create the automation to keep track

Now we create an automation to keep track of engagement.

Because tracking email opens is inaccurate, we’ll also track links clicked.

Add the following triggers remembering to change the Runs field to Multiple Times.

When you’ve added your triggers, give your automation a meaningful name. Something like Last Enagement Tracking and don’t forget to make the automation active.

Create the follow up email

In this automation, we’ll send an email to the contact when they haven’t engaged with the business in a certain number of days.

Now we’re going to use a Goal action to make sure people who select the link in the email aren’t unsubscribed.

Wrap up

Keeping a healthy list is important for your business and your sender reputation. Keeping your list clean should be easy. If you’re an ActiveCampaign user, this is the easy way to keep your ActiveCampaign list clean.

Do you struggle to keep your email list clean?

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Enjoy your day.

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