How to Use Thank You Pages for More Conversions

How to use thank you pages for more conversions

You’ve decided to grow your mailing list by offering an incentive that people can sign up for on your website.

Your lead enters their name and email address and, if it’s like most sign up forms, show a simple message such as “SUCCESS!” or “We’ll be in touch shortly”. For marketing, it does nothing.

In this post, you will learn how to use thank you pages to move your lead closer to a purchase.

Example of a sign up form success message

There is a better way.

Redirecting a subscriber to a thank you page that has additional calls to actions, shareable links, more offers, and other features presents more opportunity to engage with your audience once they hit that ‘Submit’ button.

What is a thank you page?

A thank you page is the page your visitors, leads, and customers see right after filling out and submitting a form. That form can be for a lead magnet or even your contact us page. Think of it as the next step in your conversion process.

Features of a high converting thank you page

The first thing your thank you page should contain is a thank you or some other confirmation message. For lead magnets, a message of genuine gratitude that they’ve shown enough interest in your opt-in that they’ve given you their email address. Thank you for your interest, thank you for downloading or some other such text.

If your form was to deliver a lead magnet, put a link to that resource on the thank you page.

Other options, apart from a message and a link are limited to your creativity. What follows are some ideas to get you started.

Show your most popular or recent blog posts

Having a list of your most popular or recent blogs posts give the subscriber a chance to learn more.

Here’s an example from Optimizely.

Thank you page example - Optimizely

Upsell a product or service

Whether it’s a thank you page for an opt-in or a order confirmation page, there’s an opportunity to upsell the subscriber to other products or services.

In this example, DigitalMarketer offers a free, 14 day membership to their Lab+ product.

Example thank you page - Digital Marketer

Conduct a survey

Your thank you page can include a research tool. Asking a question straight after they’ve purchased an item or completed an opt-in form is more likely to get a response as they’re already engaged with your business.

The other advantage is that it can get your audience to self segment.

Here’s an example from Harry’s.

Example thank you page - Harrys

Move them to the next step in your funnel

A call to action that leads them to the next step in your sales process. It could be to schedule a consultation, a discount code for their next purchase, or some other special offer.

Here’s an example that we use.

Example thank you page - Atomic Automation

Share the love

A call to action asking them to share the resource they just downloaded.

Here’s an example from LevelTen.

Thank you page example - Level Ten

Wrap up

A thank you page is another tools in your marketing arsenal. Redirecting a website visitor to a page after they’ve submitted a form can lead them on the journey you want them to take well past a simple opt-in.

Can you think of any other ways you can make use of a thank you page?

Head over to the Atomic Education Facebook page and let us know.

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