How to Use Automation with Facebook Lead Ads

How to use automation with Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook is a powerful tool but really lacks the ability to truly nurture leads. But for effective marketing, it lacks some functionality.

In this article, I show you how to use automation with Facebook Lead Ads to better nurture your lead.

Creating your Facebook Lead Ad

Now first off, this isn’t a tutorial on Facebook Lead Ads. That will come late. Having said that, the steps listed below should be enough to give you an insight how to create a Facebook Lead Ad .

1. Log into your Facebook account and head to the Ad Manager section.

2. Select the Campaigns tab and click Create.

3. You need to select one of two options:

a. Guided Creation – Facebook takes you through the ad creation process. This is for you if you don’t have much experience in creating a Facebook ad.

b. Quick Creation – It’s all in your hands. This is for you if you have experience in creating Facebook ads.

4. For this activity, select Lead Generation as your marketing objective.

Facebook lead ads marketing objectives

5. Give your campaign a meaningful name.

Facebook Lead Ads - Lead Generation

6. Select your target audience.  Facebook allows you to create custom audiences based on your needs as well as those who have interacted with your business page. In this lead generation campaign, we want to make people aware of our brand. The locations we’ve chosen are major English speaking countries. Now, this is very broad so in the detailed targeting section, we’re looking for people who own a small business.

Facebook Lead Ads - Locations

7. Set your budget. Here you can set a lifetime, daily, or weekly budget.

8. Design your campaign.

9. This is a lead generation campaign so we’re including a form. We are asking for an email address even though Facebook can pre-populate it. This is because not everyone want’s to use the same email address for everything. Our target audience may want to subscribe using their work email address.

10. Publish your form. This isn’t making your ad live but we need to publish the form in this campaign for the next step.

11. Once your form has been published, use Facebook’s Lead Ads Testing Tool to add a test lead.

Automating lead follow up

You could download the data you collect and import it into ActiveCampaign. But this blog is about automating the process. To do this part, we’re using Zapier. Other app connection services, such as Automate.io, can be used to complete this step.

1. Log in to Zapier.

2. Create a new Zap connecting Facebook Lead Ads to ActiveCampaign.

3. For the Facebook Lead Ads app, select New Lead as the trigger.

4. For the ActiveCampaign app, select Create/Update Contact. You could also use the event, Add Contact to Automation. It’s depends on what you’re goal is.

5. If you haven’t used Facebook Lead Ads in Zapier before, you will need to login into your Facebook Lead Ads account.

6. Customise the lead selecting your Facebook page and the form you created earlier.

6. Customise the ActiveCampaign contact by adding an Email Address, and First Name. This will populate from the test data added in the Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool. I usually add a tag for segmentation. Adding the tag will trigger an automation.

7. Select a test option. This will put your dummy Facebook Lead Ads  data into ActiveCamapign.

8. Turn on the Zap.

9, Schedule your Facebook Lead Ad.

Wrap up

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool but mostly underutilised. By capturing leads using Facebook ads, you can pass information across to a marketing tool and build stronger relationships leading to people buying your product or service with less effort.

If you have any question or comments, please head over to the Atomic Education Facebook Group and join the conversation.

Enjoy your day.

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