Add Fields to Appointlet’s Booking Form

Shane Herring
Shane Herring

Course Developer at Atomic Education

Last Updated: February 8, 2021

There will be some situations where you want to collect more information than the default booking form allows. Information such as a telephone number to call the person.

In this video, I show you how to add fields to Appointlet’s booking form.

This is an extract of my online course, Appointlet Essentials. Learn more about this course.

As you’ve seen, when someone books an appointment, they must enter their first name and email address. If they choose to, they can also enter their last name.

Jo has decided that the 15 Minute Intro meetings will be by phone. She wants to call people who book. To do this, she needs to get their telephone number.

In the Navigation bar, select Form Fields.

Here you see the three fields we’ve worked with on this course. The orange boxes let us know that this field is required. The grey boxes tell us what type of field it is. In this case, they’re text fields.

Select Create.

The first thing to do is select the type of field.

Take a moment to look through the options available.

Notice there is no Telephone number field. For this, it’s highly recommended that you use a text field.

If you did want a field that uses a formatted telephone number format such as 02-5555-1234, you would use a Regex Field instead of a text field.

Due to the complexity of RegEx fields, I don’t cover them in this topic. In the resources section of this module, there’s a video that will talk about them.

Now 15 Minute Intro appointments will be by telephone only, so I’ll leave the Required field checked.

Enter a label for the field. What you type here will show on the booking page. I’m going to use the word Phone and the abbreviation for number, No.

The Help Text is optional, but it can give the person booking the meeting some more information. I’m going to type “I will call you on this number.”

Most phone numbers aren’t longer than 16 characters including spaces. Just in case, I’m going to limit this field to 20 characters.

Select Meeting Types. By default, this field will be available for all meeting types. Jo only wants to collect phone numbers for the 15 Minute Intro meeting types. Remove the check mark next to Display this field for all meeting types. I’ll select 15 Minute Intro.

I’ll save those changes.

Using the handles to the left of the field name, you can drag and drop to change the order that the field appears on the booking page. And if you decide that you no longer need this field, select the drop down to the right and Delete.

The Edit button gives you access to the field configuration.

I’m going to preview and then schedule a 1 Hour Consultation with Jo.

I’ll select a time.

The telephone number field isn’t shown because this field only shows for 15 Minute Intro bookings.

I’ll change the meeting type to 15 Minute Intro and select Jo again. I’ll select a time. And the telephone number field is listed and marked with an asterisk indicating that it’s a required field.

Here’s the help text.

I’ll stop there.

That’s how you can add fields to your booking form to collect additional information.

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