43 Subject Line Examples You Can Use

43 subject line examples

Your email’s subject line is one of the first things people see in their inbox. The subject line is crucial to get an email opened.

But how to create an awesome subject line? Here are 43 great short, sharp, inbox-friendly email subject line examples you can use and change for your business.

The subject line examples have been grouped into categories for even more inspiration.

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    Ready to get inspired? Read on!

    Urgency or FOMO

    When someone feels like they need to act quickly, they’re more likely to make a decision quickly. It’s not just a marketing tactic; it’s actually supported by human psychology. This is a useful tactic to get your readers to act. And act now.


    Curiosity might have killed the cat (apparently) but it can also get your emails opened. People are naturally curious. Try subject lines that don’t give a clue as to the email content but rather add a sense of mystery. Just make sure you deliver on your promise otherwise your next curiosity driven email won’t be opened.


    Most people want to be liked, accepted, and even revered by others. That’s why clever subject lines use vanity to get an email opened. Do this by promising something that will make the recipient look better to others. FOMO can also be used in a vanity subject line.


    A subject line that includes a pun, a funny joke, or a funny reference to something grabs a recipient’s. They’ll want to learn more. By using appropriate humour in a subject line, you’re increasing the chances that your email will be opened. But, use humour with caution. Some recipients may not appreciate the funny side.


    Have you seen a TV ads with close ups of a chocolate bar? They’re tempting you. It’s one example. Not only could you lure a recipient into opening your email with a promise but you could also ask them not to do something they really want to do. Imagine bitting into that chocolate bar only to discover it’s not chocolate. Make sure you deliver on your promise.

    Making things easier

    Not everyone wants to work harder. Using a subject line that promises to make it easier for the recipient has a good chance of being opened. It’s a good example of telling the reader exactly what they’ll get in the message body. This works well when you have a good segmentation strategy. You’re solving a problem you know the recipient is having.

    Wrap up

    While 43 subject line examples seems like a lot, it’s how they’re used for a specific group of recipients that the most important factor.

    With more and more people using email to market their business, inboxes are getting crowded.

    You need to make the most of any tactics to get your email noticed and opened.

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